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Is all Merchandise Authentic/ Genuine?

Yes. Tiedeals imports brand new collections, overstock, stock or cancelled orders, often directly from the factories near Como and Napoli, Italy: designer ties, shirt, suits and accessories.


What is the Shipping Cost?

Free Shipping (orders $150 and up, USA only) --  International Shipping starting at $9
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What is the Return Policy?

Easy - Returns are accepted until 30 days after purchase. NO re-stocking fee - full refund or replacement. Free 2 way shipping (we email a pre-paid return label). 


What is a regular size of a necktie?

Summarized: Most designer neckties sold in high-end stores in the USA, at this moment are 3.1"(8cm) - 3.3"(8.5cm) width, length 58" (148cm). Brands with this size are Hermes, Zegna, Canali, Versace, Ferragamo and more.

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Necktie Width:
The width of the neckties has become slimmer over the last few years. Generally speaking, most brands are currently carrying 3.4" (8.5cm) (more conservative) and 3.1" (8cm) width neckties, with more trendy brands offering narrow ties (2.5"-3" width) and skinny ties (below 2.5" width ties). Most designer neckties were 3.75" (9.5cm) wide 5+ years ago. Currently Tom Ford Ties and Stefano Ricci (length 60") are still 3.75" width. Some Barba and Canali ties are available in this width too. Luig Borrelli Ties are available in 3.6" (9cm), 3.4" (8.5cm) and 3.1" (8cm). Ermenegildo Zegna, Brioni, Battisti and several other brands are available in 3.6" (9cm). Versace, Gucci and Ferragamo ties run mostly 3.1" - 3.4" widths.

Skinny Necktie: 1.5" - 2.5" Width  ||  Narrow Necktie: 2.7" - 2.9" Width

Regular Necktie: 3.1" Width  ||  Conservative Width: 3.4" - 3.6" Width  ||  Wide Necktie: 3.75" Width

Necktie Length:
The length is generally approx. 148cm / 58", all neckties have very similar length. Extra long ties are approx. 160cm / 62.5".

Dress Shirt Sizing

Isaia Shirt Sizing Chart

Is there a physical store where I can shop?

No, Tiedeals just sells online (since 2003) , You can request a warehouse visit, when interested :

Do orders ship directly?

Most (95%) orders ship within 24 hours from San Diego, California. (not like daily deal/ flash sale web sites where they ship orders several weeks later).

Import Tax?

International customer might have to pay import taxes to receive their package from the USA. As lots of countries start just implementing this, it seems still pretty fuzzy what the fees are. Tiedeals offers a one time 50% Import Tax Rebate: email after you receive your order (and paid for the import tax) and forward a copy of the cost and Tiedeals will refund 50% off that!!

No import tax for USA and Australia (and some other countries)

Gift Boxes?

Free gift boxes for US customers, International customers can receive gift boxes at little extra charge. Original gift boxes/envelops  are available for most brands. Most shirts come with gift boxes (international customers request a gift box and pay the higher shipping (box) fee when you check out. Gift boxes are only provided (1) per purchased item.


Can FINAL SALE Items Be Returned?

Yes, even FINAL SALE items can be returned for a full refund or replacement.


Why Tiedeals?

View Tiedeals Customer Reviews and Testimonials  |  Tiedeals has a solid A rating with BBB (for almost a decade).


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